This blog is the story of life as I went from a world traveling pastors wife to a home-schooling mom of 4.

Placenta Smoothie

By Jen | February 12, 2010 | 3 Comments

Before giving birth at home, I watched my fair share of homebirth videos. As disturbing as it was to watch a woman in so much pain, push out a baby, it was almost equally disturbing to watch the placenta just fall to the floor later on. Ew. Delivering the placenta ended up being more stressful than delivering the baby. No joke. Delivering a placenta is something I never even knew about until I had to do it the first time. If all goes well, your placenta just sort of falls out after the birth (like I watched in on the youtube videos), not right away, but eventually. Well, my placenta was stubborn. Maybe it knew what was in store for it! I guess my bladder was way too full and for some reason, I had either the worst case of pee shyness or I just physically could not urinate. The…

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The Birth Story of Matias Cutler Powell

By Jen | January 8, 2010 | 17 Comments

I had been so worried that baby boy Powell would not come on his own and I would have to be induced again, just like I was with Maisie. I really wanted a homebirth and that wouldn’t be possible if I went over 42 weeks. At 41 weeks I went in for acupuncture. Let’s just say that was a bizarre feeling. Little needles in my hands, legs, feet and even my pinky toes! Then to the needles they hooked up little things that looked like jumper cables, which they ran some weird currents through. It was enough to make me sweat just sitting there. I went in for another treatment on December the 7th (almost 42 weeks) and was also prescribed and started on a homeopathic remedy to help me relax and not be so sad. That same night I had a couple REAL contractions. I had been getting used…

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I love you more when we live in Europe

By Jen | September 20, 2009 | 3 Comments

Ok, that title is not very nice, but there is a bit of truth to it. So maybe my love for my husband isn’t actually stronger (well, maybe a little), but I like him a lot better when we are in Europe. Is that wrong? Stateside Justin is fabulous, but a bit lost. He can get a bit more cranky for some reason and blow things out of proportion and be a bit unrealistic when it comes to certain things. This sounds so horrible, but it’s not meant to be! It is just that Justin really fits better with the culture here, and maybe therefore, is just a better person here. Is that possible? Maybe it is just that when your husband is living out a dream or feeling fulfilled in his job, he is a happier person. I don’t know. All I do know is that I love the…

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A Day at the Park

By Jen | September 14, 2009 | 6 Comments

I’ve decided to start being better at taking Maisie to the park due to the fact that she is pretty much a lonely little puppy here. Daily she asks to play with friends. Daily she talks about her cousin Avery. Daily she asks if she is going to go to school. We tried to get her in school, but they are full and we are now on a waiting list. These are a couple of pics of  her yesterday after a little girl ran away from her in a square we were eating in. She was sad, needless to say. So with all this sadness and two year old depression going on, I decided I needed to be better about getting her around other friends and hopefully I can make a couple as well. Let’s just say that our first day at the park wasn’t the most successful. First of…

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Apartments, apartments, apartments!!!

By Jen | September 8, 2009 | 2 Comments

First of all, we aren’t living in that little piece of you know what apartment anymore where it hurts my pregnancy parts to get out of bed! YAY!!! We moved into this fantastic little studio where rent is actually CHEAPER and the apartment is way CLEANER (and sort of stylish as well, which is a bonus)! We have neighbors here who have a couple kids that Maisie likes to play with, so that’s great too! Here are some pics of the apartment we now live in: Here is Maisie passed out in her little makeshift bed! Justin laying on the bed. Yes, his feet hang over the edge! Haha! Our little kitchen area This pic shows the “dining area” as well as the work station and behind that screen thing is a small little couch that turns into the bed you saw Maisie passed out on! It’s a great little…

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