Who Am I?

I am just not the same person as I was when living in the States. Living in France now for over seven months, I am finding that I am having to re-discover who I am. Things have changed. No no, I am NOT all anti-America as some of you probably wonder and have asked. It is just that I am changing. And for the better (I hope)! I am becoming more independent. A perfect example of this is me starting this blog all on my own! I go places by myself. Yes, that is a big step for me believe it or not! I actually enjoy reading! I love to go to Luxembourg Park, sit on an old rusty green chair with my feet up and just relax and read…all by myself!!! I LOVE to do that! I am also enjoying learning to cook! It is way more fun to cook in France than in the States because we have all the fun outdoor markets with fresh food! I am learning to do things that I want and like to do, not always what other people want me to do.

Some things will never change! I still LOVE going to Starbucks with my one of two friends that live here (that is a joke about the friends, although it is how I feel sometimes). I love to sit in Starbucks and people watch. Sometimes I get lucky and there is an English speaker to eavesdrop on like I did in the States! I also still talk in my insanely annoying voices. But only to Justin. And it annoys him. Sad. I miss talking in annoying voices with my “little dudes” from California! Justin just doesn’t appreciate it the way that they did! Pray I will find friends that are as obnoxious as me! I still totally need my “date time” with Justin and LOVE spending time with him! I love my nephew and niece to the point of ridiculousness. I buy them things all the time!!! And they just pile up here because I can’t afford to send them and I am scared of the post office!

So, I guess lots of things have changed, but I am still the same person (deep Jen, deep). I am SO excited to go back to the States for Christmas, but I wonder how I will see things differently then when I left. Will I look people in the eye walking down the street? Will I get annoyed at a server that won’t leave my table alone? Will I be able to eat bread at all since it is so amazing here? And what about cheese, chocolate, and pastries?!?! Will I finally feel at home somewhere? I can’t believe that I will be able to communicate and actually have someone understand! Living in another country is harder than I thought. I must say though, that it is really cool being able to experience new things and see the world in a whole new perspective. I am still the same, just a little more ME than I have ever been before.

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