Boots are a girl’s best friend!

I am excited! I just got back from one of the most beautiful places ever! The mall. Galleries Lafayette! Right next to the opera! It is gorgeous! It really is an amazing place. Not only is the building stunning (inside and out), it is OH SO classy! Decorated to make you feel like you’re in a movie. I love feeling like I am in a movie! The decorations were amazing and I am bummed I didn’t take pictures. There is a huge Christmas tree right in the center of the mall. Christmas lights everywhere! I will definitely go back and take a picture so that you can all see how gorgeous it is. Today made me LOVE living in Paris!

One of the best things about this visit to the mall was I got new cute boots. I know it is pretty dumb to write about something new that I bought on my blog, but hey…I’m excited! They are so cute and I love them. Boots are different here. They are a necessity! For real! In the States you buy boots for fashion. Here in Europe you buy them for need. Fashion is just a bonus! Everywhere I look I see boots! Boots with skirts. Boots with long pants. Boots tucked into pants. Boots with shorts (and tights as well if it is the winter). Boots with pants to your knees. BOOTS EVERYWHERE! I have fallen in love with the look of boots. I bought boots. I love my boots. I can’t wait to wear my boots!

Ok. So why do I NEED them? Let me tell you. I walk everywhere. That is why I need them. When it is raining I still walk everywhere. Boots protect your pants! You can tuck your pants into your boots when it is raining and not get the bottoms of your pants wet! When it is cold my legs can stay warm! I can still wear skirts and not freeze if I have my trusty boots on! It is getting to be cold weather here and I am thankful for my boots. I am going to wear them tomorrow I think. Boots is my new favorite word. Boots.

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