A Wonderful Day in Paris

Thought I would update on my wonderful "I love Paris" day yesterday. I would have to say that it was pretty much my favorite day here so far (minus the times that family has visited).

First of all, I successfully traveled to a new destination on the metro all by myself! On the way to meet my friend, Sherilynn, I got hit on. That can always boost your spirits! I met Sherilynn at a hotel by the U.S. embassy (you can’t stand in front of the embassy). We went to the embassy because her husband works there. Yes, I stood on American soil and it was wonderful! We could even walk on the grass! France doesn’t let you walk on grass. It is strange. Then we went to the embassy grocery store, which is pretty much a small grocery store full of American products. I hate to say this, but I sort of realized why Americans struggle more with obesity than the French because I was almost drooling walking down the isles seeing the ding dongs and cake mixes with yummy frosting and sugar filled cereals that I haven’t seen for months! I did good and only bought a small two-cookie pack of fig newtons. Sherilynn showed me around that part of Paris a little, I walked her to the Opera metro stop, and then we said goodbye!

I was on my own!

I get really confused in the city and have no idea what direction is where. So, I pulled out my trusty little Plan of Paris and tried to figure out which way to go! Sherilynn luckily pointed me in the right direction so I sort of had an idea. I knew if I could just get to the Louvre, I would make it home. I know my way from there. Yes, I did it! It was an amazing walk! Sometimes it just strikes you so hard that you are living in such a famous and beautiful city. At one point, while I was walking close to the Louvre, I looked up and I realized that I was surrounded by the most beautiful old buildings and walking all by myself in this huge square. It was a moment I will never forget. I just felt so honored to be in this city. It was a strange feeling. I felt so alive, which is pretty much the opposite of what I had been feeling the last couple of months.

When I got home, Justin and I had an amazing conversation about how to continue to grow in our marriage and how to be better for the other person. We both cried. But it was a good cry. I love being married to someone who is so open to growth and change. He is such a great example of that to me.

We ended the night perfectly with eating Lebanese food (my favorite) with Frank and Dawn (our team leaders) and playing Nerts (a super fun card game). This, my friends, is why I had an "I love Paris day"!

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