Husbands are weird creatures

Seriously. I know I don’t need to say any more than that, but I am going to. I just looked at Justin’s blog (link to it on the right of my blog) and he has a wish list. Oh yes! A wish list! A wish list for Christmas. I asked him to put together a Christmas wish list for my family who never know what to get him. Oh he basically went above (too far above) and beyond (WAY BEYOND) what I was asking for. He posted it to his blog! Silly little crazy Justin! He has a link called, "Wish List", that will take you right to his wish list where with only a click of the mouse you can purchase Justin his present. Not only that, but on this list Justin can keep track of what has been bought for him. STOP THE MADDNESS!!! It is times like these where I just have to wonder about what my precious husband is thinking. I honestly cannot believe him sometimes. I thought I would just let all of you know that I am differentiated and that his list has nothing to do with me! I hate the list. I actually now recommend buying him something like socks or underwear! Justin is asking me as I write this to "not be mean". He says, "I can take it off or put it at the bottom of my blog." Who is he??? Don’t do it people! Don’t encourage this kind of freakish behavior!!!!

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