A little update

I love it here! I am in Huntington Beach right now and it is sunny! Yesterday I went to Disneyland with my sister Amy. We wore tank tops! I can’t help but say that I wished I lived here. Yes, I know that God has us in Paris and I am okay with that. I just really do love it here. I am one of those cheezy people that LOVE sunny southern California! I am not writing much on my blog because I am catching up on 10 months of not seeing my nephew and niece.

I am having so much fun with them! Avery doesn’t really talk to me in the mornings because I think I scare her with my good looks! Ethan loves me always though. Such a sweet little guy! I think Avery is just shocked that I no longer live in the computer over instant messanger and video. It is so fun spending time with them! Cute little things!

Speaking of… gotta go! Going out to play with Avery and Amy! I will put some pictures on here soon!

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