“The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!” Or Not….

It is so cold in Paris!  I have never experienced cold weather for this long in my whole life.  Maybe I was this cold when I lived in Oregon, but that was so long ago that I don’t remember, or maybe I just blocked it from my mind because of how traumatic it was.   Or maybe I learned to deal with it because I didn’t walk everywhere when I lived in Oregon.  I remember still wearing my "hoochy" tank tops in the middle of winter to go to dance clubs that I shouldn’t have been going to.

I was very smart in moving to sunny California as an eighteen year old right out of high school.  Tank tops GALORE!  Even in the middle of winter!!!  I thought I was smart in moving to Paris with my husband as a 26 year old.  I don’t know.  Being such a sun lover, I am starting to wonder if it wasn’t so smart as I am now in the seventh month in a row of cold weather!  Oh yes.  SEVEN MONTHS!  I am thankful for the week break (IN DECEMBER!!) that I had in Southern California where I could wear a t-shirt and be warm. 

I am just a bit tired of layering till I can’t layer anymore just to walk to the grocery store around the corner.  BRRRR!  I am ready for the sun!  I am ready to look outside and see leaves on the trees!  I am ready to eat at a cafe sitting outside!  I am ready to go to Luxembourg park to people watch, hang out, picnic, and read.  I am ready to pull out my flip flops, skirts, and tank tops!

Oh I love the sun!  I was reminded how long it has been since seeing my old friend, the sun, as my friend Bandna (who is visiting from California) exclaimed, "Your feet are white!"  I don’t remember the last time I had white feet.  Maybe when I was in Oregon.  But I am white.  Justin keeps reminding me that I am white because I am white (Caucasian).  Whatever.  I still want a little tan…is that so wrong?  As I sit in my apartment, my white feet are freezing from the breeze that sneaks in through the old windows.  They are pretty, but don’t do much for keeping out sound and cold!  Brrr!  I need to go get some socks on, layer up, and start my day in this freezing place!

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  1. Mom on February 26, 2006 at 4:59 pm

    oh my goodness Jen…how quickly you forget! remember my gift of expensive silk, yes silk, long underwear to wear even when you lived in California? don’t you remember freezing ALL the time and bundling up in Oregon AND California? don’t you remember that you were iron deficient, which would help your freezingness, but you hated the pills. okay…you hated what the pills did to you. the only time i remember you being actually warm, is lathered up with sun attracting sunscreen (go figure) with the sun blaring down on your body, frying all those little white parts. be glad for white! you’re a pretty cute white girl!

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