My Baby Likes Pilates Too

At our ultrasound about two weeks ago (sixteen weeks pregnant) the tech was very surprised at how the baby wouldn’t stop moving!  We could see it kicking, waving, and turning.  I was so surprised to see this since I hadn’t felt it one little bit yet!  It was really a miracle to see!

About a week after the ultrasound, I felt the baby kick for the first time in Rome!  It was so exciting!  Rome was exciting as well, but the baby!  WOW!  This really is amazing having a little person growing inside me!  I love it!  Since it first kicked, I have felt it a lot more.  In the last couple days I’ve been feeling it very often.  I think I skipped the whole "fluttering" feeling and went straight to feeling kicks.  This doesn’t surprise me that our baby is so active, even so early.  I am only 18 weeks (wow, I guess that is almost half way)!  Today I had my hand on my stomach after feeling some little kicks and I even felt it with my hand!  Justin hasn’t been so lucky to feel it yet.  In a way, it makes me feel sort of special that I am the ONLY person who can feel this little being! 

Yesterday I was doing Pregnancy Pilates and after I was finished our baby decided to show me his/her own pilates moves!  I swear I could feel the "kick kick to the front!"  It is so fun!  I am glad we have a healthy little baby that likes to move nonstop just like his/her mom and dad!   

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