Seven things I want to share with you…

1. I feel like there is an alien living in my belly.  The kicks are starting to be strange to me as they happen in the same place every few hours.  I can already tell the sleep pattern of this baby!   And is it normal to kick ONLY on the right side???

2. Justin felt it kick!  I can no longer say I am the only one to feel it.  (Yes mom, IT!)

3. I am going to call my baby an it, not on purpose, but "it" comes out of my mouth without thinking about it.  Sorry mom.  "IT" is my it and I love it.

4. I ate some really great Mexican food tonight.  Thought I’d let you know, because I love Mexican food.

5. Had a WONDERFUL date with my amazingly precious husband.  We had a blast walking by the river and catching up on some much needed ALONE time! 

6. I am still feeling IT kick as I continue to write.  GEEZ!  What is it doing in there???

7. I am becoming a woman.  I signed up for an English speaking moms group.  Who am I? 

I guess that is all for now!!!

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