dancin’ to dad’s rockstar grooves

I love being married to Justin.  One of the things I love is how he just sits in the living room and plays guitar and sings.  It is fun and makes me feel like I am married to a rockstar.  Ok, not really, but I still like it a lot.  It is funny because as soon as I came into the living room where he was singing and playing guitar the baby started kicking like crazy.  I would like to think that it was one of it’s first dances to Justin’s music.  Fun.  Justin is going to be such a good dad.  Oh!  Justin has had the opportunity to play in a band in Paris (that wasn’t in a church gathering) a few times.  Here are a few pictures! 

Justin was able to play in one of the hundreds of bands around Paris at the Fete de la Musique, which is where once a year France opens up the streets for thousands of bands to play music and people take over the streets to listen to them!  It is soooo fun, but it rained this year!

Another picture of The Fete de la Musique. 

This was taken at an abandoned warehouse where artists took over and turned it into an underground art exposition.  They also live there and use the electricity and cook for people!  It was amazing how international it was and everyone was also so friendly!

Justin is getting better and better at playing music and beginning to write his own music and words also.  It is fun to see him grow in this!  Can’t wait for our baby to dance to his music once out of the womb!

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