Bring on the Weight!

I have reached my highest weight ever, by one pound.  The last time I weighed anywhere close to what I weigh now is about a year after Justin and I got married.  We were poor and eating Papa Johns pizza every Monday night because they had a great deal for a five dollar one topping pizza!  Yum.  Anyways, needless to say, I gained a bit of weight from that year of unhealthy eating.  Now my weight has exceeded that weight gain by one pound.  It is strange.  I am right where I should be with the weight gain (well, more on the upper side of where I should be).  FIFTEEN POUNDS!  I know you all want to know just how much I have gained and it is fifteen marvelous pounds!  I have been gaining about a pound a week for sometime now.  I don’t think the lucky charms cereal that people have sent over for my pregnancy cravings have helped!!!  But I thank you anyways!  Just had a bowl this morning!  I am going to take advantage of my voluptuous body and show it off while I have it.  Yep, that does mean that I am one of those pregnant women who shows off her bare belly (just a little) and the cleavage, well, I have no control over that unless I want to wear a turtle neck and that is a bit difficult in hot weather and air conditioning nowhere to be found!  So I say, bring on the weight!  I have no choice, but to welcome it with open arms and mouth!  ha ha.

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  1. Jamie on July 18, 2006 at 6:40 pm

    You are still hands down the most beautiful pregnant person alive!

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