A good day

A few of us here in Paris have started a new thing called Street Lunch.  We get together and make really yummy sandwiches and then pass them out (along with a water) to our homeless neighbors.  We do it on Sunday morning, when most Christians in the States would be in a church service.  I have found that this has been one of my most favorite ways to worship God on a Sunday morning.  It is such a simple way to really love and serve someone that I may normally pass by on a daily basis. 

Life is so good right now.  Today we hung out with our friend Bjorn.  He just hung out at our flat with us, watched a bit of the Tour de France, took a nap on the leather chair, then we all went to dinner at the delicious Mexican restaurant.  Bjorn is one of my favorite people in Paris.  He is so honest and real and funny and he is German, so we bond (since I am at least 1/4 German).  I love sharing life with other people. 

Sharing life with my homeless neighbors or sharing life with my good German friends, life is good!    

This picture is a typical Bjorn picture, with a beer in his hand.  Christian is on the left and Jeff on the right.  Two of our other good friends.

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