Back in the U.S.

Leaving family is hard to do.  Over the years my sister and I have become great friends.  Actually, she is my best girlfriend ever.  Justin and I are here in Colorado visiting my sis and her family.  I found out the terrible news today that our plane is actually leaving a day earlier than we thought.  We have all been sort of depressed today thinking about the fact that tomorrow we will get on a plane and not see them again till who knows when.  It is so hard to live so far from family.  The next time they see me we will have a baby.  Sometimes I wonder why God would restore our relationship to what it is now just to have us live so far away.  Justin reminds me that Amy was such a support for me when I was in the midst of culture shock and transition and that it is a blessing we are so close.  I am thankful for her, even if she does live an ocean away.  Hopefully one day it will be a town away or street away instead of a whole ocean away.

Our trip to the states is going good.  I thought I would be a bit overwhelmed and annoyed coming back, but it is actually a nice relief to go into the HUGE grocery stores, being able to read labels and understand how foods are prepared, instead of trying to guess.  I miss the organic stores that are here as well.  And the overly friendly people?  Well, yes the first day I was a bit overwhelmed at the almost fake-like "hello" people would say, but now I am finding it nice to just have people smile and talk.  I don’t care if it is fake or not.  At least people interact with me! 

Well, I am off to spend my last day in Colorado with my best friends (Amy and Jason and of course the kids)!  Portland, here we come! 


  1. Mom on August 21, 2006 at 8:13 pm

    from a mom’s perspective…what a blessing it is for you girls to have the kind of relationship you do. it’s a testimony to how God works out tough situations (like growing up in a single parent home) and how you developed a healthy relationship, probably BECAUSE of the conflicts and the ability to effectively communicate hurts (quit pinching me! ow! don’t pull my hair!) and then come to a loving resolution. i’m so proud of my girls…*sigh* oh that every parent would understand, no matter the circumstances, the treasures they have in their children. jen, i’ll be praying that God will release you and Amy from heartbreak…and that you will leave with your heart full…

  2. relevantgirl on August 22, 2006 at 7:39 am

    Folks have asked me if it’s hard to be back in the states. My answer? NO WAY! It’s so stinkin’ convenient here. It’s easy!

    Have a great flight. I can’t wait to see your baby…

    BTW, I got my nose pierced. Your turn!

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