To Move or Not to Move… That is the Question

Here we are back in Paris, France.  It is nice to be back in our home.  Everything always seems so smaller when we get back.  I was shocked once again at the size of our living room, especially compared to the homes we have been in in the last four weeks.  But nonetheless, it is nice to be back. 

As you may (or may not) know, we put in our notice for our apartment a couple months ago and have to be moved out by October 6th.  We have been looking forward to this move for several reasons.  Some of them being:

1. We will pay a significantly less amount of rent
2. We will move into a neighborhood that fits who we are (younger crowd, more diverse)
3. More opportunities to serve the homeless and possibly even prostitutes

I was also hoping that in the move, I would gain a balcony and full sized bathtub!  But those would just be bonuses. 

So today, as Justin and I were getting ready to leave the apartment to walk around a possible future neighborhood, our buzzer buzzed.  It was our landlord, Dennis.  He arrived with two young French girls who were interested in renting the apartment.  They didn’t speak English.  While the girls were walking around taking pictures of the apartment, Dennis began telling us that he likes us and would like for us to stay.  He asked what it would take to stay in our apartment.  Justin said that he would have to lower the rent a significant amount.  Dennis then offered that we stay and he will take 250 euros off the rent!  That is a savings of 3,000 euros in one year!  This is pretty much unheard of here in Paris.

Now Justin and I are weighing the pros and cons of staying or going.  We love the idea of moving to a new part of the city, living around people who have obviously messier lives.  At the same time we can’t deny how crazy this is for someone to actually lower rent and we have to wonder if this is an answered prayer.  We are a bit on the confused side right now.

We will keep you all posted on what happens!  There is a possibility that the owner of the apartment doesn’t even go for Dennis’ offer, in which the answer would be to move!  I think it would sure be nice to know where I was going to live.  You know, I need somewhere to start my whole nesting thing and I can’t do that until I know where I am going to live!  For now, this is just one more way to trust that things will work out, they always do!

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  1. relevantgirl on September 8, 2006 at 12:07 am

    Jen, I will certainly pray. You need to find a place to feather your nest.

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