Baby Dreamin’

Two nights ago, Justin had a dream that I gave birth to the teeniest little baby.  She was only the size of his hand from head to toe.  In the dream, Justin dropped her and when he picked her up, she was a koala bear.  Interesting, huh?  What makes us have these dreams?  Is it being nervous we aren’t going to be able to take care of our child? 

I had a dream last night that I had the baby and had NOTHING for the baby yet, not even my hospital bag was packed.  Well, this is true.  I do have the gifts that I have been given, but no diapers, no bathing things, not even a bed for the baby yet.  My hospital bag isn’t packed, and I haven’t even bought the things needed to go into the bag!  I know this dream was probably for good reason.  Justin and I will shop for some of these things next week. 

I wrote my mom and sister to tell them about these dreams and my sister wrote back with her dreams when she was pregnant.  They made me laugh so hard reading them, so I have to share!

With her second child, Avery, she dreamt that Avery was made of felt (like a felt doll) and her limbs kept falling off!  And when she was pregnant with Ethan, she dreamt she gave birth to two dead fish, but she "loved them anyways".  How ridiculous is that?!?!   Now what in the world would the meaning to that be? 

I know we are nowhere near being prepared for the baby, but if she were to come now, we would manage!  Now, if she were a koala bear or two dead fish, I am not sure that I would be able to manage that!  But we are completely looking forward to meeting our little girl!  Just about six weeks left until her American due date! 

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