I Read a Good Book

I read a good book today.  Justin and I have been working so hard to get the apartment ready for the baby and also for our house warming party this coming Saturday.  I decided I needed a rest, so I read a book my sister let me borrow just a few months ago.

The book is called, Three Weeks With My Brother, by Nicholas Sparks and Micah Sparks.

I loved this book for many reasons.  First of all, it took me back in time and made me contemplate my own childhood memories.  I have so many good memories (some bad ones in there too).  Reading the book really made me miss my mom and sister.  It made me not want to take advantage of my relationship with either of them.  It was pretty much just us three growing up together as my mom was a young mom and parented by herself.  After reading the book, I have been in a melancholy mood all day, just thinking of my family and how I miss them.   We had a good time together us three girls.

The book also inspired me to start writing.  I have been wanting to write, but haven’t really had the motivation to just do it.  So I got on my computer and started writing a few ideas on what I would want to write about.  I have no idea how to even start writing a book, but I would love to one day.  So, I am going to consider doing this.  I know I will have lots of extra time when the baby is here!  Ha ha.  I am going to go back to contemplating life now.  Or maybe I will post some pictures of my huge belly!  Yeah, that is a better idea!

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  1. Holly on October 30, 2006 at 12:15 pm

    Yeah, that book is awesome! My family has been tossing around after each person’s read it. It’s really an inspirational book and gets your mind on what’s important. Glad you enjoyed it!

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