French School Shmench School!!

Is it so wrong to hate school? I have always hated school for as long as I can remember! When I was in elementary school I didn’t know the tricks of faking sick. As I started junior high, I was pretty much becoming an expert. I learned to fake bloody noses, fevers, throwing up, cough, sore throat, stomach ache, period cramps (sorry guys!). You name it! I faked it! As I started high school, I learned to fake my mom’s signature. I was so proud of myself too because she has such amazing handwriting. I no longer had to fake sick, because there was no way she would find out! I was a sick and twisted young girl! I skipped school around 50 days a year. No joke. You can see my report cards! We won’t talk about how I passed my classes. That is a whole other story of lies and deceit!

I somehow made it through college with pretty great grades and barely an absence! I actually wanted to go to class for some reason. Maybe to learn, or maybe cause I had friends and there were cute boys in my class. I finished college strong and decided I would never have to go to school again.

I was wrong!!! Justin and I are in French school right now because we are having ISH communicating here in France. We go to school bright and early at 9am three days a week. Sometimes I want to fake sick. At least once a week I will wake up asking Justin if I can skip class. I actually did skip one day and it was WONDERFUL! I dread going to class. Nothing makes me feel okay about it. I don’t know what it is that makes me despise it as much as I do, but I honestly hate it with a passion. I am already looking forward to February 3rd…OUR LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!

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