Goodbye Mullet. Goodbye Forever!!!

I said goodbye to my mullet today.  I was brave people!  BRAVE!  For the last two days I have had butterflies in my stomach as I thought of the fact that TODAY I was going to get my haircut.  On Thursday I gathered the little courage I had to walk into a nice looking salon (that also looked cool on the internet) and make an appointment. 

I have been researching and contemplating getting my hair done here for about two months now.  While making the rendez-vous, the lady asked for my "prenom".  I choked.  I couldn’t remember if that meant my last name or my first!  I know it should be obvious with the whole "pre" part of the word, but I choked.  About ten seconds later, she said (annoyed may I add), "NAME!"  Oops.  "Oh, Jennifer," I sputtered out turning a light shade of red. 

Since that day, I have been FREAKING OUT!  I even asked Frank and Dawn’s girls to pray that my haircut would be cute so that I wouldn’t be depressed for another whole month till it grew a little.  Yep.  I care too much about my looks.  I know my worth is not in my looks, but it does help to feel pretty (and non-mullety).  And I have been dealing with the dreaded mullet for a full six months now.  I am DONE with it!  DONE I SAY!!!

Today was my appointment.  I was sweating profusely as I nervously waited the last half hour before I had to leave.  By the time I got to the hairdresser, I really stunk.  For real.  I know it is gross, but it is true…unfortunately.  I sweat when I am nervous, cold, hot, watching an intense movie or TV show.  Ok pretty much all the time, but that is another post for another day.  My hairdresser was SUPER nice!  Not so sure about the lady who washed my hair.  She had a little tude (attitude that is).  I was getting a little nervous as the length began to come off, but I think Patrick did a great job!  Didn’t really like the way he styled it, so I came right home and got the straight iron out.  Cute.  I like it and the mullet is gone!  Justin reacted perfectly and said he loved it, which is a big improvement compared to the time where he angrily said, "It is interesting," as he stormed out the salon glaring at my hairdresser on the way.  PHEW! 

Hopefully nobody will ever hear the words, "I have a mullet," come out of my mouth again.  I’m am sure people are pretty sick of hearing it by now.  I am sick of saying it!   

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  1. relevantgirl on February 19, 2006 at 1:50 am

    OK so you can’t just post a post like that without a picture! do tell!

    I’m still convinced you’re the next up-and-coming FRESH writing voice.

    I’m so glad you’ve been de-mulletted. Hooray…

    So this means we can par-tay at FO2!

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