Weekend outside of Paris

This last weekend we were able to get out of the city!  It had been a LONG time (seven months) since we had been outside of Paris (not counting Versailles).  Maisie hadn’t even smelled fresh air or heard birds singing until this last weekend!  She has only had exhaust blown in her face by the big buses or heard pigeons (aka: flying rats) making their little mating noises.  Ew.  Poor little city baby.  We had the most relaxing weekend in the sunny warm weather!  Read about it on Justin’s blog here!  He also posted pictures of the weekend on the right hand side of his blog!  Look away!

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  1. TulipGirl on April 14, 2007 at 5:06 pm

    *L* See, my memories of our time in Paris were of green and trees and parks. Then again, at the time we were living in Kyiv, in a neighborhood of post-soviet, grey, concrete apartment blocks. . .

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