I know…two posts in one day…it’s a miracle!  I HAD to post this though!!!!

Today Maisie said her "first" word.  Now, I know that she has no idea what this first word means, or that it is even a word, but she said it!  I have read that most babies will say "dada" before "mama".  Not this baby!!!  She is a mama’s girl all the way!!!  She was yelling, "Mama," as she sat propped up on our bed today.  Yay!  It almost made me cry!  So silly for me to be so excited for something that she didn’t even understand, but I am!  Yay Maisie!

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  1. svest on May 2, 2007 at 1:53 pm

    Oh wow! I totally remember when my kids did that and I was like “whaaat? isn’t it too early?” nope…they start to get it. That really is exciting. She knows who her mama is!

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