More pictures from now on!

Hello everyone!  I was just looking at my sister’s blog and was inspired and motivated to start posting more pictures.  I was talking with Justin and thought about doing a Flicker account where I post a new picture everyday, but decided against it as one blog is enough for me.  I already have to keep up with Myspace too!  I don’t want too much on my plate!  I was worried that people would be overwhelmed with something new on my blog everyday.  Maybe some will, but too bad!  If you are lame like me and check other people’s blogs every day in hopes that they wrote something new, you will appreciate my desire to “blog” a bit more.  So a picture from today???  Shoot.  Maybe I will start that tomorrow!  In the meantime, I will catch you up with some of my favorite pictures from the last couple weeks!

Justin and Maisie are crying together.  I really just wanted to see if they look alike when they cry.  What do you think?

Eating lunch at Luxembourg gardens.

Mommy and Maisie looking at a fountain in the park.

A classic picture of how we communicate with family in the states.  This is Maisie talking to Grandma Christine on video over the computer.  Thank goodness for technology.  “I love technology…”  I really do.

Brrrrrr!  Paris can be cold in June!!!  (and July and August…..)

Just Maisie being her cute little self.

I love this picture because it captures Maisie’s stare down.  She seriously gives this look to most strangers.  People will smile and make faces and she just stares them down with this look of disgust.

Happy baby!  Even with all the frowning, she really is a happy girl!  p.s. Thanks Aunt Amy for my new favorite sweatshirt!!!!  xoxo


  1. Breanna on July 6, 2007 at 2:11 pm

    funny becuase your’s and Justins are the only blogs I ever read, so keep on keeping on with words, stories and pics.
    Maisie does look like Justin when crying, but I think she still has a little bit of you around the eyes? But its nice to see updates photos : )

  2. Mom on July 6, 2007 at 3:54 pm

    These are adorable pictures! The last one just kind of jumps out and grabs you! Little sweetness… Thanks too, of posting the one of me and Maisie having a ‘chat’. Hopefully when you come to the states, she’ll recognize my voice and me!!!

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