Goodbye Powell’s, Hello Amsterdam!

We said goodbye to Justin’s parents today.  They were here for three lovely days.  We had a great time with them just hanging out at the apartment and walking around Paris a bit.  This is a  picture at our favorite neighborhood café…Place Verte.  We had our last meal of their visit there.   Side note: did you notice how Justin and his mom look exactly alike with their little matching glasses (click on picture to enlarge)???  How precious.

Justin, Maisie, and I leave for Amsterdam tomorrow in the VERY early morning…even before Maisie’s first wake up time!  Pray that we wake up on time and make the train!  It pulls away at 6:50am!!!!!  YUCK AND A HALF!!!!  We are going to be staying with some of our friends…the Graf’s.  They are an amazing family!  We will be visiting Amsterdam to get a better idea of what the future holds for us.   As some of you may or may not know….we are leaving Paris at the end of the summer and really have no clue as to what we will be doing next.  All we know is that we will be back to the states for a couple months and then back to Europe, but to where?  That is the big question right now.

Well, it is now 12:30am here and I still haven’t even begun packing…Maisie is still awake (OOPS!) and I really need to take a relaxing bath.  So I better sign off!  I will still try to post from Amsterdam…we will be there three nights.  Can I just say real quick that I love Amsterdam!?!?  English speaking….aaaauuuughhh!

OH!  I almost forgot!  I got to see Nadine’s (the girl whose hair I recently cut) precious little baby in the hospital today!  Under 48 hours old!  Little Nina!  I will post pictures later as I don’t think they have even sent out pictures to their family yet and I don’t want to be the first to post pictures!  But let me just say…CUTENESS!!!  I can’t believe Maisie was once that small!

See me in Amsterdam!

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