My Poor Little Baby…(my Mac)

My computer died. I didn’t think it was possible for a Mac to crash, but it has. I am ashamed to even admit it. So now I am on Justin’s HUGE (compared to my precious little 12 inch) computer. We have to share and we don’t like to share. But I think with my computer dying, it will actually be good for our marriage. Maybe we will stop communicating over IM (when we are just in the other room) and begin talking face to face. JUST KIDDING MOM!!!! Anyways, I lost a ton of my email messages, so forgive me friends if I haven’t written back.

(Just to give props to my Mac… It did try sooooo hard! It even started up three times AFTER it told me that the hard disc had experienced a fatal error and to replace it. It was working till the very end to serve me.)


  1. Mom on August 10, 2007 at 5:22 pm

    Ooooh bummer Jen! What will Maisie do without you on your computer??? Just kidding Jen!!!!!

  2. Lori on August 16, 2007 at 10:21 pm

    My husband and I are the same way with our computers… sharing is no fun! And we’ve even been known to IM when we’re in the same room. I’ll admit it our generation is a little messed up sometimes, but I’m ok with it! 🙂

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