We are going to Hungary!

We are leaving to Hungary tomorrow for our annual staff conference. It is always really fun. Well, sort of. Not really, actually. Last year was pretty great! This is our fourth staff conference and I hope that the trend of getting better and better continues! Let me just share what the first two looked like.

First staff conference. It was the first time Justin and I had ever been to Europe and on the way over, they gave us free wine. So I had a glass of wine with my dinner. Maybe you don’t think this is a big deal, but it is! I didn’t know that my legs had a tendency to swell on long plane rides (especially with alcohol in the system). So when we arrived at staff conference, my legs were so swollen, that I could press in with my thumb and the indent wouldn’t go away for a very long time. They stayed swollen for about four days. It was also a hard year because we didn’t know anyone and didn’t have a team to call our own. Sad little us.

Second staff conference. That is when I got the haircut from hizell. Honestly. It was a mullet. I was in the beginning of culture shock (had lived in Paris for about five months at this point) and my emotions were going crazy! So back to the hair. I had a mullet! I got it cut a couple days before the conference, which I learned to never, never do again! I am not sure why, but this haircut really sent me over the edge. I was a basket case that whole week. It was awful and I was ashamed of my hair, which I should have been.

The last staff conference was pretty great! I made a couple new friends and I was pregnant! I was sort of at that pregnancy stage where I just looked chubby, so I did struggle with that a bit.

I am not sure what to expect this year at staff conference. Will it be a lot different with a baby? Will I feel weird not being on the Paris team, but not having a different team to go to??? I am feeling pretty happy and confident that this will be a fun week! It will be really great to catch up with old and new friends!

I am planning on posting from the conference and hopefully I will have some new pictures to share!

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  1. Bandna on August 11, 2007 at 7:40 pm

    Im sure it will be amazing or at least youll come out of it with some more stories for next year. I miss you like crazy and who would have thought you guys would be seeing so much of the world. Cant wait to hear about it. Oh yeah Happy anniversary I love you guys.

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