Our day today in Paris

It really is strange to be back. We went to the little park right by Luxembourg park. Maisie played around in the sand and ran around with other little French kids. It is strange that the last time we were in Paris, she couldn’t walk, but now she is exploring Paris at a whole new level. She loves the dogs (and they are everywhere). “Dognee!” I can’t really spell how she says it because she pronounces the first part (daw) right, then the rest is said through her nose. Pretty cute stuff. It actually sounds the exact same when she says daddy.

I think she remembered Jeff and Katherine and Bjorn today. Especially Katherine and Bjorn. She had flirty eyes with Bjorn just like she used to and played and smiled at Katherine like the old days. It is so good to see old friends. We miss it. And by “it” I mean, a lot of things. Too much to describe on a blog post that everyone reads.

We ate at our favorite falafel place tonight in the Marais quarter and walked around Notre Dame and some of our places we used to walk daily. It was sooooo nice. I think I get to see one of my best friends in Paris tomorrow! YAY!

There are a couple things that I had forgotten about living in Paris. First is how people do not move out of the way when you are walking past them. I seriously think people would run straight into you. It is like playing chicken without the car. I used to just stand up tall and sort of ram my shoulder back. Not very nice, I know. But now I seem to be dodging them. I have become timid again. The other thing that I forgot about is all the dog poop. It is everywhere and you have to constantly watch where you are stepping! Oh, the urine as well. That is a gross one that is everywhere and you never know if it is from a human or an animal. Just sick and wrong. Sick and wrong!!!

Maisie needs me so I better tend to her! She is grabbing my muffin top, begging me to give her attention. So that is it for now!


  1. Mom on January 24, 2008 at 5:46 am

    I can shut my eyes and visualize Maisie running around in the park, oblivious to the chatter around her being a different language as she soaks in her ‘new, old’ place. I’m so glad you all have the opportunity to see old friends, old places and have a bit of heart tweaking as memories crop up. Enjoy your time and get well (sorry folks, she hadn’t posted that part yet). Love you!

  2. Anne on January 25, 2008 at 8:22 am

    You have been tagged! Try to think of it as an opportunity to canvas your brain for truly random yet enlightening info on yourself and make others chuckle. I think it is a blogging coummunity kind of thing. I’m not totally sure what I think, but someone tagged me, so . . . . If you check out my site, you will find the rules for this tagging game and some very random facts about myself. Enjoy!

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