He Made My Day!

Today a grown man stuck his tongue out at me. No joke. As I was crossing the street, standing in the crosswalk, I think I startled him as he raced around the corner in his little car. He looked at me like most French people do. You know the look. The look that screams, “What the #@%!” I get it all the time. But this was a first. I had never had a grown man in a business suit driving a little teeny French car stick his tongue out at me. I was excited as he did it thinking how he would become famous on my blog. I wish he knew how silly he looked. It made me smile and for that I am thankful for his silliness.

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  1. Amy Ginther on February 7, 2008 at 9:05 am

    I’m gonna try that I think…might make me feel better to stick my tongue out at a few people right now. Yes, that’s it, I am going to hop in my big SUV and go drive by some unmentionables houses and stick my tongue out. Thanks for the great idea!

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