Looking to give away some money???

If you are struggling with what to do with all that tax return money, I have a really great solution! Give it away! Or at least some of it!!! Why not help someone in need? Why not give some running water to a school who has no water? Why not help a child (or adult) get an education? Why not help one of our African brothers or sisters? Why not donate money to buy a mosquito net that could SAVE A LIFE? WHY NOT?

Justin and I have had the privilege to have a few conversations with Byron and Lisa Borden. They used to work with our organization, but have recently moved back to Africa, where they lived for several years before moving to Europe. Byron and Lisa are the type of people that you meet and you just want to be around them. They are the type of people that you just want to be really, really good friends with (but you know it probably won’t happen because EVERYONE that meets them thinks that…at least they should). But Justin and I will try to pry ourselves into their lives one way or another! 🙂

So anyways, the Bordens are doing some AMAZING things in Africa. I sort of live vicariously through them by reading their blogs. I highly recommend you check out their website and blog! And give. I KNOW your money will be going toward something good… no I mean great! I don’t really think this is something you “need to pray about” because I think the answer will be, “duh.” But if you need to pray, then do that. Even if you aren’t a Christian or a believer in a God, check out the website. They are doing amazing things.

I normally don’t write these kinds of posts, but I just felt the need to spread the word, because reading about Wild Hope inspires me and I thought it might inspire you as well!

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  1. Amy Ginther on April 17, 2008 at 8:30 pm

    So I found this post to be a lovely way to avoid my HUGE pile of laundry…well, not actually giving our money away yet, but I educated myself! I spent at least an hour and a half reading Lisa’s blog and looking around their website. I can see how one might adore them, what a wonderful family, and an AMAZING ministry.

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