Lazy Workout Thoughts

I have been debating working out since 7pm tonight. I made a few excuses, said I would do it after we watched a movie, said I would do it after my mom went to bed, said I would do it after laundry, and now it is almost 1am. I am still debating the workout. I want to go to bed, but I also want to get in that workout today. But what am I doing instead of working out? Yes, posting on my blog, thinking of excuses not to work out. Wouldn’t a workout energize me right now? And I don’t want that before I go to bed, right? I don’t want to have to shower as well. I already washed my face. I wouldn’t want to have to re-wash it! Plus, I can just work out in the morning. One day off isn’t going to kill me! Well, except that it is more like seven days ten day off so far. Ok shoot. Now I feel like I should at least try to do a 20 minute pilates before Justin gets home. That won’t make me sweat too bad. Ok never mind. I talked myself out of it. Too late. Yeah, way too tired. I will do it in the morning. Blah!

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