Baby Chicks

So our little Powell family is staying at some friends' house in Amsterdam.  They are one of the very few and lucky to live in a real house in Amsterdam.  Anyways, they have a little backyard (it is actually quite big for a European city) with wild chickens.  They have caught these chickens from around the neighborhood and brought them into their yard to use them for their eggs.  Plus, they are really quite fun to watch. 

Well, the other day I noticed that there were a small group of baby chicks following one of the chickens around.  It was SOOOOO cute!!  I let the family know they had chicks (they are out of town) and they were SO excited!  We went back to look at the chicks again, but we saw two little dead chicks that had been caught in some weird mesh thing that was used to help grass grow.  Sad.  Justin disposed of their bodies. The next day we went out to look at them again and heard chirping.  Another one was stuck.  Justin freed the little chick with a pair of scissors, but we didn't know where the mom was.  So we set the chick down by some other chickens and left it there to die.  Had I known it was going to die, I would have brought it in with me and cuddled it.  It was all pretty sad.  I couldn't eat my chicken dinner that night.  So disturbing.  I might even have to consider cutting chicken out of my diet altogether.  Anyways, Justin was there for it's last chirp and then disposed of it's body as well.  

After the whole third chick getting stuck in the mesh, I decided to cut out all the mesh where the chicks were being strangled (made me think of grade school when they tell you to cut up the plastic that holds together soda cans).  So I got rid of it all!  I finally didn't have to worry about anymore baby chicks dying!  
I was wrong.  I came home today and Maisie immediately said, "Chick chick!"  So we went to check on them.  I heard the dreaded chirp.  I headed out to find where the chirp was coming from.  This time it was not in green mesh, but was floating in a little potted plant that was filled with water.  It was a sad sight.  This time we knew where the mom was and I attempted to put the chick in front of the mom so that the mom would come and bundle up her little baby chick.  Not so much.  The mom seemed alarmed and the baby chick headed for a different potted plant to burrow under.  This wasn't going well and I was getting more concerned with the chick!

Justin saved the day and retrieved the little chick and placed it RIGHT next to the mom, where it burrowed under her feathers.  I checked on the chick about an hour later and I could see it's little butt tail feather things sticking out and I could hear it chirping still.  Another hour later and I couldn't see it or hear it.  I said a little prayer that no more chicks would die, so I hope it didn't.  

I have become obsessed with these baby chicks!  It is all sort of traumatizing.  It is all I can think about, so I thought I would share it with you on my blog.  I know it is not the most interesting read, but this is my blog and it is what is on my mind!  If you care for cute little animals, pray that the little guy makes it.  

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  1. Ann on August 6, 2008 at 5:57 pm

    This story reminds me of how stubborn we can be to resist what Jesus wants to do in our lives as in Luke 13:34. “…I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not wiling!” We often wander and go about life so aimless when Jesus has a plan for our lives if we would only obey. Thanks for sharing this story and helping me focus on my life clearer. I love you, Jen. It was great seeing you on Skype today. 🙂

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