Poo in the Toilet

Maisie walked over to me and grunted, like she was trying to go poo. “Poo,” she told me. I asked her my usual question of, “Do you want to go poopy in the big girl toilet like mommy, Avery, Aunt Amy…?” 

Maisie responded with the typical “No, no, no, no!”

“You can have a treat if you go poo poo in the big girl potty.”

“Otay!” And then she continues to run to the toilet. I put her on the toilet and it takes less than five seconds and she is finished! WHAT IN THE HECK!?!?

I had to hurry up and come up with some sort of treat. She ran to the kitchen for her treat, but I didn’t really want to reward her with food and teach her to eat when she feels she “deserves” it or whatever. So I let her open up one of Aunt Amy’s birthday presents she had sent for Maisie’s birthday (it’s tomorrow)! And Maisie loved her treat!! A new Elmo book!

I let her run around naked and told her she would get another treat if she went poo or pee in the toilet. She came up to me a while later and said “poo” again, but this time it was because there was some tinkle on the ground. Oh well. She’s learning and honestly, I’m not pushing the whole potty training thing just yet. This morning I asked her again as I could tell she was getting ready to poo if she wanted to use the toilet and I got the, “no, no, no”. So, we’ll see! I’ll keep offering!

Here are some pics of Maisie with her new book. AND YAY FOR POO IN THE TOILET!!! 


  1. jen braun on December 2, 2008 at 11:44 am

    YAY for POO in the potty!!! I am soooo not looking forward to those days! Good job, jen (that’s hard work for mama!) and HAPPPPPYYYY BIRTHDAY SWEET Maisie! xoxoxoxo

  2. jennifer on December 3, 2008 at 7:15 am

    That is awesome! Yay for Maisie

  3. Ann on December 3, 2008 at 11:46 am

    Wow, this is great. I forgot about the fact that she’s already at that age to think about going “poo” in the toilet. Boy, has time flown by. I know Maisie will have a wonderful second birthday. I wish we were there!

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