So Very Tired…and other random things

These days, I am just plain tired.  I want to write about something so that my readers know what is happening in my life, but there is nothing new.

No apartment yet.  I cried again today.  You know when you were a kid and something bad happened at school?  Well, all of a sudden you see your mom, who is picking you up from school and you burst into tears.  You held those tears in all day long, but the sight of your mom, brings comfort and safety to just cry them all out.  Ok, that was how it was for me anyways.  That is how it was today.  I thought I was doing fine, till I talked to my mom on the phone.  "How are you Jen?,"  she asks so innocently.  And that is where I lost it.  Thanks, mom. 

After the tears I did feel a bit better.  Justin and I put together a list of about 20 questions to ask the doctor tomorrow at our appointment.  I am scared our doctor will be mad at me because I haven’t seen her for over two months now AND I gained all my pregnancy weight while in the states!  DARN you America for your large portions of deliciously greasy food and refillable lemonades!  I can’t wait to see the doctor and see how the baby is doing!  I have so many questions to ask!  I think we will have our last ultrasound this week, which is SO exciting! 

Oh!  One other thing, I think Justin and I may have decided on a name…FINALLY!  At least we have one thing prepared for the baby.  Someone told me all the baby really needs is boobs and her parents.  She has those things, so if we don’t have a place to live, at least she has us!

107_0741_1One of my best friends, Anna, just wrote me over Skype.  I love Anna.  She is lives in Chile now.  Sometimes I wonder why God gives me these amazing friendships just to live so far away from them.  Anna is a precious friend, who I never get enough time with, literally.  I am glad I decided to blog about nothing and stay up later than I should so that I could have five seconds of writing with my friend Anna.  Here is a picture of my precious bananz (Anna)!

So that’s my day…my life…my whatever.  Again, I am tired and going to sleep! 

p.s. I have to roll out of bed these days because it is the only way I can get up and out (that is what I have to look forward to when I go to bed and get up six times in the middle of the night to pee)!  yeah yeah, I’ll put some pictures up one day when there is more time. 

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