Some Random Thoughts.

Today Maisie proved her womanhood.  She rolled over.  Twice.  Actually, we got it on video twice, but she did it three or four times.  This is how I know it was on purpose.  She is such a little stink stink. 

We met up with some old friends (well, old for Paris) today and Maisie got a good cuddle in.   I miss these friends.  Their work called them to Africa, so they are far from us now!  They were my fellow West Coasters (as in, California).  Seriously, I love you East Coast, Southern friends, but there is definitely a difference!!!  Maisie will not be respectful and refer to people as "Mr. or Mrs."  Sorry, I am just warning you all now!  Hee hee hee.  She will also probably say, "frick" at the young age of two.  It could possibly be her first word.  We will see.  My nephew used to say, "freakin’ A!" when he was only three.  I am not saying this is good.  My sister had to start watching her Christian cussing so that her three year old wouldn’t repeat her. 

It is sunny in Paris and I am SOOOOO thankful for that!  I love the sun.  I think I was made to live in sunny warm weather.  I am a better person when the sun is out.  Really, I am. 

Maisie is sleeping a lot.  I think she is growing.  Well, I know she is growing, but I think she is maybe in a growth spurt.  Or maybe she is sick since yesterday she was around sick kids.  Plus, we take her on the metro almost everyday.  Poor little city baby around people’s nastiness all day long. 

I am hungry and want to eat a burger and fries.  Never before have I wanted to eat this kind of junk.  I guess pregnancy and breastfeeding does this to people.  Ew.  But yum.

Just random today, as always…


  1. Mom on March 15, 2007 at 4:25 pm

    Jen…you crack me up! You are so off the wall! No little granddaughter of mine is going to be tainted by your wicked ways! ha ha… Just remember that your own children always multiply the trouble you gave your own parents…ha ha ha. How sweet that Maisie is rolling over. Can’t wait to see that video! You sound good Jen. I love your mom-isms…and love your sweet, sweet family!

  2. Bandna on March 15, 2007 at 8:26 pm

    I miss you I am so sad that I havent been there to see maisie do all these things! Was it Cherlynn that you saw? How are they I keep running into her family at my starbucks there like oh we heard about you etc. Tell them i said HI! Love you

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