Constipation…cha cha cha!

We had a lot of ish going on in the Powell apartment yesterday. It started off with Maisie choking on a teething biscuit. Let’s just say it was a scary ordeal. She ended up throwing up into Justin’s hands, but thank goodness that is the worst that happened as far as her choking goes. She was constipated all day long, pushing so hard, tears were forming her eyes, hysterical cries as she tried so hard to poo. It is the worst to see your child in pain…even if it is just a bit of constipation!

I have eczema again and it itches like a mother. I can’t stop itching, which is making it all crusty and nasty, but I can’t stop. It feels so good when I am itching, then just burns and it hurst worse when I am done.

I didn’t post last night because our blog service was down…as you may have known since my blog wasn’t up.

So that was our random day of choking, constipation, and eczema. Oh yes, I didn’t mention that the eczema is not only on my elbow pits, but also my eyes again!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty, pretty Jen.

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