Fun times in Colorado!

We are having a really great time in Colorado with family!  It is amazingly beautiful here!  Enjoy the pix!


Maisie and Aunt Amy!

Ethan and Avery…his hair has lots of static from the trampoline! 

We went to a little petting zoo thing up at Copper Mountain.  Maisie loves animals.  She loves to touch them and then put her hands in her mouth.  I don’t like that.

Oh Jason…I love my brother in law.  He is the best.  (boop)

Ethan is adventurous!  He is such a little polite guy now!  So grown up.

Such a typical me look.  Oh!  I am wearing my new wrap that I love!  Maisie loves it too! 

Maisie tasted lemon.  She didn’t love it.

Amy likes to torture Maisie, just like she used to torture me.

Yes, she is the cutest.

mmmmmm hmmmmm

Maisie loves Avery’s curls…as do I!

Drama like her mama.  Oh yeah.  She is going to be an actress. 

We went shopping today and played dress up.  It was fun!

I have realized that since being in Colorado, the rest of my life just sort of stops.  It is so hard being away from family who is also our bestest friends.  So I always end up ignoring other parts of my life while with them.  I really have no other choice.  I have to get as much of them as possible!  So that is why I haven’t been on the blog much!  I will try to do better though!  But seriously, maybe there just isn’t as much to write about in America!  Or maybe everything I would write would just offend all of my fellow Americans!!!  hee hee hee!!!


  1. Mom on September 8, 2007 at 9:16 am

    So funny….Amy is still the hambone in front of a camera that she always has been! Thanks for the post and great pix Jen…so glad you’re having fun with the fam, and can’t wait to be a part of that!!!

  2. heidi on September 11, 2007 at 9:23 am

    you are in colorado???
    i am in denver!
    call me…. 720-208-8336
    -heidi scates

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