Why Mean Childcare Worker….WHY?!?

Sometimes I just gotta ask, "Why?"  Is it really that hard to come and get me when my baby is in hysterics because she wants her mommy?  Is it really necessary to think you have it under control when someone else’s child is crying so hard she can’t breath?  Is it necessary to only get the mom once that child has thrown up from crying so hard?  THIS is why I don’t like to leave Maisie with strangers!  We left Maisie at the childcare at church last night and let’s just say it didn’t go so well.  The rest of the night Maisie was clingy and insecure.  Poor thing.  I am not one to let her just cry and cry and cry, so it bothers me when other people do.  And on a side note: I had asked the lady to please come get me if she started to cry, not if she cries so long and hard that she vomits.  Grrrr!


  1. Ann on November 19, 2007 at 3:10 pm

    Oh, I’m so sorry you had a terrible experience with the childcare. I don’t think they were trying to be mean. They probably didn’t realize that Maisie hasn’t been left with people and she needed special care to be brought to you sooner. Don’t give up on child care workers. There are some amazing ones out there (for example Abundant Life Church) who will have Maisie’s best interest at heart. Love you Jen!

  2. Jen Powell on November 19, 2007 at 4:52 pm

    Hey Ann! Maisie has definitely been left before (once even at the church last week). I think there is a reason why I was so uncomfortable leaving her with strangers. The lady was actually mean to my face when I went to pick up Maisie and was really offended when I asked her why she didn’t come get me earlier. I know that every childcare worker wouldn’t be that way. I just like to be drama on my blog because I can!

  3. Ann on November 19, 2007 at 9:50 pm

    We enjoy your drama, too! Thanks for the explanation. See you soon!

  4. Lori on November 20, 2007 at 7:58 am

    Oh- that would drive me nuts too! We’re coming back to the States for a visit soon… I’m totally debating how we’ll deal with the whole nursery thing!

  5. Breanna on November 21, 2007 at 10:10 am

    Well I never had that happen, but I did have a child care worker at nursery not feed my baby enough. I wrote everything down and did explain it to her. She fed Gabby the bottle but not her baby food. The poor thing was starving. The lady just looked at me like I was crazy when I showed her that it was written down and that I told her verbally as well. Now I hold it up and explain it to whomever takes Gabby.

    That was only one bad experience out of the entire two years I have been taking my children to nursery at churches.

    Still a bummer for you. Kudos for the drama though : )

  6. Amy Ginther on November 21, 2007 at 10:25 pm

    All I can say is “Awwwwwww.” What a sucky feeling! We have all been there…isn’t it amazing that no one can take care of your own kid but you? Maisie is so lucky to have you and Justin.

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