Ruined forever…

Maisie and I are really sick. I have yuck in my throat and we are both coughing like crazy. We are also both grumpy and tired. Justin and I keep saying that it wouldn’t be Paris unless one of us were sick. It seems like our last year here someone was always sick. I guess that’s just life.

So today I called Justin to see how the packing of our things were going (he went out to the countryside to pick up all our junk to bring it back to the city and either sell it or get it ready to ship back to the states). Justin told me that he had some bad news. Some of our stuff had been ruined while being stored. Rats. Or squirrels. Or something gross like that had decided to make a home in our things. Maisie’s little Moses basket (pictured below) has become a home of some nut eating animal. Justin said it was torn up and there were lots of nuts in it. Ew little creatures!!! This was the saddest thing to me because I could have given it to a friend to use, but thought I would rather keep it for the next baby. Sad. Oh well. The other things that were ruined and torn apart where our futon that all our guests would sleep on and also our feather down mattress cover. Sad, but not as sad as the Moses basket *tear*. It was honestly a good reminder that it will all burn one day anyways. Not to be dramatic, but seriously, good lesson to not hold onto anything that can be destroyed anyways.

Good news Amy Ginther!!! Justin says the stroller is in GREAT condition!! Waaahaaahaaaa!

By the way, I am completely bummed to report that Justin didn’t bring the cord for us to download pictures, so I will not have any new pictures till we get back, unless I get creative and borrow one or something.


  1. Mom on January 26, 2008 at 7:53 am

    Seeing Maisie in that basket…she looks like a little baby doll. She has grown so much! Sorry about the loss of your stuff…and glad you realize it’s just that. Stuff. Yet it’s hard when they’re associated with such great memories.

  2. Ann on January 26, 2008 at 6:09 pm

    What a great attitude about your “stuff.” You amaze me, Jen. It’s less things you need to worry about selling and transporting. I will pray that you and Maisie will feel better soon. Thanks for the updates!

  3. Amy Ginther on January 26, 2008 at 6:22 pm

    Waaahaaahaaaa! 🙂 Stuff, it’s all just stuff…and it is SO freeing/empowering to live with that truth! Thanks for reminding the rest of us. Oh, and while we are talking about your stuff…I have first dibs on the bugaboo for Panera and mall walking! Aren’t you glad that you take lots of pictures so you can remember the things we can’t or don’t haul around the world with us! Oh, speaking of pictures…NONE?? We don’t even get to see your smiling face until you are back? What in the heck!?

    Miss you guys…SO sad that you girls are feeling crummy!

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