Pictures! Pictures! And more Pictures!!!

We finally uploaded pictures from our trip and my birthday.  Here they are!

So we stopped in Denver, Colorado for a few weeks to visit my sister and her family!  Here are some pictures to prove it!

Amy and Jason (and their kids, of course) are moving to Portland soon and Amy and I are already getting started on dressing the girls in similar clothes!  So dumb!  I am not sure what Avery thinks about our great idea, but from the look on her face, I think we can all say, she is ecstatic! 

Justin and Jason spent lots of time doing who knows what on their computers together.  And for some reason, they always wore beanies and athletic pants.  It was really cheesy and precious all at the same time.

The cousins LOVE each other!  Ethan was so sweet with Maisie and played Star Wars light sabers with her!  Avery gave Maisie kisses, sang her songs, and let her play with her toys.  In return, Maisie would wreck Ethan’s Legos and steal whatever Avery was playing with.  So sweet.

Just a cute little picture taken at one of Ethan’s basketball games.

SISTERS!!!  *On a side note: let me just say that my hair is looking VERY high school in this picture!  I went to see my hairdresser and best friend from high school and she was mortified at my hair and said I needed a cut and color, so I will be doing that this coming Thursday…PRAISE THE LORD!!!!*

AND NOW!!!  PARIS AND SPAIN PICTURES!  Although not that many due to high drama and craziness!

Little Baby Goo Goo got her stroller back!!!!!  Cozy cozy! 

Maisie loved seeing baby Nina!!!  Nina’s mom and dad are some of our bestest friends and we miss them so much!!!

Yep.  Those are curls! Just like I had when I was a little teeny tiny tot.  I am once again claiming anything I possibly can that is similar with myself and Maisie!  It’s the little things that count, right!?!

Daddy and Maisie going for a walk on one of our favorite streets in Paris.  It is a favorite because it has the BEST restaurant Deux Cigales!  YUM!

Maisie is on ANOTHER flight!  This time to Madrid, Spain!  This child has flown more than most Americans I think!  She is already a world traveler and won’t remember any of it…unless she has a memory like my sister…who still remembers her infant baptism!!!!  🙂

Maisie did amazing on the flight home!  As you can see, we had to get creative in entertaining her.  I don’t even remember her crying on that 17 hour trip!

OYE!  We are looking pretty TORE UP!  That is what we get for flying so long with a one year old.  Did I mention that on this flight I managed to elbow a sleeping man in the head pretty hard and also spill orange juice all over the guy sitting right next to us, completely soaking his pants and socks!?!? That was only a couple hours into the flight!  Oopsy daisy!


I had such a fun day on my birthday spending the day in Portland with the two people I love the most!  No offense other people I love!

A creative picture Justin took while out for birthday lunch.

Uh oh.  She hurt herself.  Clumsy like her mom and dad!

All better. 

You are now up to date.  The end.


  1. Bandna on February 24, 2008 at 8:38 am

    im so sad iw asnt there for your bday I think I might just drive and see youguys by myself… I cant believe my little turkey is growing up so fast…that pic with her and justin walking in Paris is so freaklin cute. LOve you miss you!

  2. Mom on February 24, 2008 at 8:39 am

    Such great pictures and fun little captions to go along with them. Thanks for posting them Jen. I keep thinking of how uncomfortable that man must have been sitting on a flight with sticky orange juice drying on him!!! Way to go daughter! These are precious pictures…she’s such a teeny girl, emphasized by her walk with her daddy :-).

  3. Diane on February 24, 2008 at 9:56 pm

    Thanks for sharing your pictures and life with us. 🙂
    Maisie is so darn cute!!!!

  4. Diane on February 26, 2008 at 10:32 pm

    Geesh, I forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday! I hope it was the best. 🙂

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