Teeth Extravaganza!

Let’s just say that I became best friends forever with two amazing dentists, their assistant, and the lady at the front desk.  They all know me by now.  I have had three fillings, two crowns (one of those to fix the broken tooth and the other to fix my root canal crown that the dentist thought was done in a third world country…no, just Roseville, CA), a teeth cleaning, and FOUR teeth pulled!!!!  And that isn’t counting my first visit to figure out an action plan for my teeth and the follow up to the teeth pulling.  So like I said, they know me well. 

All of it was just sick and wrong (like dentist appointments should be).  But let me just say teeth pulling!!!  THE WORST OF THE WORST!  Everything about it.  The fear building up to the appointment, the nightmares leading up to the appointment, the shots, the drilling, the poking and prodding!!!  My dentist is amazing, but the shots that go into the roof of your mouth!!!  HOLY HOLINESS!!!  It brought a tear to my eye!  Then the shoe horn thing that works your tooth out and then hearing the little roots separating!  EW!!!!!  But I am SO freakin’ thankful that they are just out and done with.  So healing time was interesting as the day after the surgery, Justin decided to get the flu, full on throwing up, and well, other gross stuff too.  So I was left to take care of Maisie, take care of Justin and clean, and everything else moms do!  I was on the verge of a dry socket, but I prayed A LOT and it is now healing just fine!  Ew though.

A little side note: The first tooth they took out I did not have laughing gas, but it was so horrendous, that I asked for it for the next ones.  On my third tooth I started to feel like I had smoked a bit (or a lot of) pot laced with some sort of something and snorted quite loudly.  The doctor sort of chuckled and snorted back at me.  That is when I freaked out for a second and asked to take off my laughing gas mask.  I hate being stupid if everyone else is normal. 

So thank you Dr. Brad and Ryan Carpenter!!!  You guys are the best!!!!!!!  Even though I dreaded seeing you, clenched my butt cheeks the whole time sitting in your chair while sweating profusely!  You made the experience way better than it could have been!  Plus, you are both way cool with a way cool daughter/sister!  😉  And thank you Bryce for making my teeth!  Every time I chew, I will think of you!

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  1. Svest on July 22, 2008 at 2:41 pm

    I seriously felt like I was sitting in that dentists chair while I was reading your blog. OYE! And the clenching of the butt cheeks is something that I did while reading your blog. So I couldn’t imagine actually having to go through what you went through. Glad for your sake, it’s finally over.

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